Wine Quotes – ‘Sometimes Wine Is Just Necessary’ – By @dnzbsr – December 2012

wine quotes sometimes wine is just necessary december 2012


Vintage Wine Ad: ‘Domestic Bliss. Only A Bottle of Cabernet Away’ – By T.A.R.A – December 2012

wine quotes ad advertising domestic bliss only a bottle of cabernet away december 2012

Quotes for Wine Lovers: Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age – Pope John XXIII

Quotes for Wine Lovers. ‘Rosé makes everyone happier’ by @blackheartswine via @thehosp_widow – October 2012


 Blackhearts & Sparrows Wine Purveyors web site



Wine Wrapper with Funny Wine Quote. “While I admire the glass is half full type…” – via @SavvyParke